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In the Consumer Goods sector, the audit and certification of operations guarantees a high level of safety, standardization and quality in the processes of production, storage and delivery of products. At Massimo, we have a team dedicated to the implementation and maintenance of standardized methods and procedures within each unit of the production chain – there are already more than 150 technical visits carried out. To achieve the level of service required in high value-added retail, we work with the international standard EuraCRP®, of French origin and which is represented by the Leggio Group in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

Some of the main differentials of EuraCRP® are the specialization in logistics and SupplyChain and its flexibility to define the parameters of the action plan that will be implemented in each cycle. There are more than 400 items listed – in the areas of safety, hygiene, transport, delivery, payment, lot blocking, pest control, among others – which are evaluated by a committee of managers from different areas. This multidisciplinary vision provides unbiased insights and innovative solutions. The norm is revised annually, which allows for a constant increase in the operational standard, and undergoes an adaptation

to Brazilian regulation and reality to be applied in websites in the country.


Among the sectors in which we already operate are fashion retail, cosmetics, food and beverages and e-commerce, logistics, automakers, pharmaceuticals and factories.


To learn more about how auditing and certification can benefit your company, contact us:

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Continuous Improvement

>> Identification of Cost Reduction Opportunities

>> Audits on Specific or Customized Standards for the client

>> Process for Periodic Measurement of Results

>> Standardization and Improvement of Logistic Processes

>> Continuous Improvement and Lean Transformation

>> Review of Compliance with Regulatory Standards


EuraCRP® Differentials

>> The EuraCRP® Certification is a certification of services specialized in Supply Chain. It creates custom benchmarks to accommodate SLA expectations between suppliers and customers;


>> Norms and chapters are created in each reference to guarantee the correct execution of processes. Annual audits are carried out, on a combined basis (remote and on-site), which guarantee the continuous improvement of certified operations.

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