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The implementation of new processes, technologies and management models – or even improvements – requires preparation that may involve changes in teams, systems, devices, procedures and even the physical layout of a corporate area. Therefore, it is essential to carry out detailed planning capable of conducting the process safely, calmly and in order to achieve the expected results. Our team at Massimo is prepared to carry out an accurate diagnosis of the corporate culture, organizational structure, processes and procedures, among others, in order to create an appropriate action plan for the changes that we wish to implement.

We act in the definition of a new process, or its modification, to map potential risks, adjust standards and analyze the final quality. This performance must involve carrying out sequential tests in the process, from software simulation to tests under operating conditions.

We also monitor the operation after implementation,   during   the   stabilization  stage,

evaluating the new process routine, to resolve any points that may be necessary.


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Check out our working method in each of the Implementation stages:






Implementation Planning

>> Parameterization of Test Stages

>> Establishment of Activities Test Stage Schedule

>> Parameterization of the Stabilization Stage

>> Establishment of Activities Stabilization Stage Schedule


Startup and stabilization

>> Implementation and stabilization of operations

>> On-site Monitoring of the Stabilization Stage of New Operations

>> Remote Monitoring of the Stabilization Stage of New Operations

>> Implementation of the distributed organization model and hybrid work

Start up e estabilização
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