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We are prepared to offer assertive solutions, supported by robust technology and our own mathematical models. In this way, the Leggio Group's business units support the decision-making process of clients in highly specialized sectors.


In the Consumer Goods segment, we rely on the know-how of the French consultancy Diagma – with more than 50 years in the market – and our partner in the Joint Venture Massimo.


We are responsible for the development of all Diagma Brasil projects, with a complete operation, ranging from strategy, through physical distribution, planning and inventory to manufacturing. We are in synergy with Diagma France, maintaining our global vision, but without giving up our local expertise.


Massimo, a joint venture between the Leggio Group and Diagma, brings Diagma's vast experience in retail to the national market, combined with the Leggio Group's in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of retail in Brazil. Its performance encompasses the entire sales experience, from marketing planning, production or import, distribution to delivery. The search for efficiency has the purpose of guaranteeing the level of service to the final client.


In the Oil & Gas and Infrastructure sectors, we work with Leggio Consultoria, recognized for offering effective solutions for the Supply Chain of commodity-based chains. Associated with Diagma, the two consultancies have already delivered thousands of projects for logistics operations, helping important decision-making and maximizing the profitability of assets.


Certifications and Regulations


We are exclusive representatives of the EuraCRP® European certification in Latin America. A complete standard that had its requirements customized to the regulations and specificities of local markets to audit and certify operations. Among the differentials of the norm are the specialization in Supply Chain and the flexibility to define the parameters of the action plan that will be implemented in each cycle.


Technology and Optimization


The Leggio Group is also technically and commercially responsible for models developed through the  software AIMMS® for customers in Brazil. The work is carried out jointly with the software team in the Netherlands to develop mathematical models and optimization applications for different sectors. Specialization is fundamental to reflect the complexity of the Supply Chain in each segment, considering taxation, regulation, new planned projects and market trends. Thus, we are able to model the future to provide the necessary support for decisions in the present.

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